Welcome to Arthuriana. This is the personal academic website of Dr Caitlin R. Green, which I have maintained since 1998. I am currently engaged in research at the University of Oxford; my principal research interests lie in the history, archaeology, place-names and literature of early medieval Britain. I have published a number of articles and books on these topics, with a particular focus on Anglian-British interaction and the early Arthurian legend. I also lecture on these matters and have appeared on various national and local media outlets, including BBC One and Radio 5 Live.

This website offers details of some of my work, divided into three sections accessible from the menu on the left. Although a brief list of some of my recent publications 
(largely written under a former nom de plume) is included below, more information is provided in the Recent Publications section, including various options for downloading and reading those papers that I'm able to make freely available online. Historical Research offers details of some of my research into the history of early medieval Britain, including my recent academic monongraph entitled Britons and Anglo-Saxons. Finally, Arthurian Resources and Studies offers access to a variety of material - both scholarly and more informal - relating to the early Arthurian legend, especially its Welsh manifestations.

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